How did LISZEN come to be?

LISZEN, powered by Google Co-op, was launched on October 27th, 2006 by creator Garrett Hungerford with 530 searchable library blogs. Since that time LISZEN has grown to over 750 library blogs and has been noted in School Library Journal, Google's Librarian Central, and other publications. Other Library and Information Science Programs have added LISZEN to their web resources for library students; such as University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of North Dakota, and Uppsala University.


Is there a Internet Explorer or Firefox Plug-in?

Yes and Yes! On November 2, 2006 a LISZEN Browser Plugin for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0 was released (big thanks to Kevin Yezbick). To install the LISZEN browser plugin click here.


What blogs are included in the searches?

A list of blogs blogs searched by LISZEN can be found on the Library Zen Network wiki.


Can I add my library blog to LISZEN?

Of course- how else would LISZEN grow? If you would like to add your blog to LISZEN, click here and fill out the form. Then head over to the list of blogs and add yours. Please note, LISZEN only accepts blogs releated to library and information science.


How can I keep up to date on the LISZEN Project?

Other projects by Garrett Hungerford can be found at Library Zen or you can keep up to date with LISZEN and other projects on his blog. Don't forget to subscribe to the RSS Feed while you're there.


Help promote LISZEN by adding a link to your site! Below are a number of small logos for your choosing. If you're not sure what image you want you can download the complete image pack.



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